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During this session I will use my psychic gifts to tune into your personal energy to help identify past, present and future situations, events and emotions.  Spirit often shows me physical ailments and emotional trauma.  I can guide you on what areas need your attention.  

Please note:  This is not a fortune telling reading I am able to provide predictions based on current energy however we all have free will and our paths can change based on decision made.    I will not predict life or death nor will I make a medical diagnosis.  


Soul (4).png
Soul (4).png


During this reading I will connect directly to your loved ones in spirit. I will be able to tune in to their characteristics, personality and unique qualities. You will be given the opportunity to receive messages of love, healing and validation that your loved ones are still very much with you. 


Life Coaching

This is a 4 week program that consists of a weekly 30 minute session  with me to discuss in detail the area you choose. During these 30 minute sessions I will use my certification in life coaching, life experience as well as intuition to help you process and move through whatever you choose. Life coaching clients will have access to me in between sessions via email  to ask questions or give updates.

Please note:  Before booking this service please use the contact  form for a personalized consultation.  


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